AESG Experts

AntheAnthe Vrijlandt: Affiliate Member  

Anthe Vrijlandt, a Dutch national, has a long track record of managing development projects in different African countries. She has worked for over six years in Embassies of the Netherlands as a programme officer linking government departments and the Embassies on projects of mutual interest. She served as an external links and Development partners coordinating expert in Rwanda’s Ministry of Infrastructure, with a special attention to the Energy sector and she is currently an international expert in Aid Coordination assisting the Second Vice-Presidency of the Government of Burundi. She is skilled in high level process management, public sector policy and strategy development, fundraising and donor coordination. Her mother tongue is Dutch, but is also fluent in English and French.


    • Elaboration of a full programme for Private Sector Development in Rwanda for the Dutch Government.
    • Developed three programmes for Public-Private Partnerships
    • Connected numerous Dutch companies to Rwandan companies
    • Successfully developed the first ever “Sector-Wide Approach” (SWAp) in the Energy sector in the world. A model that assisted The Ministry of Infrastructure mobilize more than US$350 Million for energy access scale-up programme
    • Gave essential assistance to a successful Dutch ORET programme (Fibre Optic Cable project on electricity lines that would allow real time communication) to the power utility in Rwanda.
    • Assisted the Government of Burundi in putting in place a dialogue framework between the Government and its partners. This framework aims at more fruitful partnership and aid efficiency.